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Annual Gynecology Exams

At Women’s Health Care of Garden City we believe individualized gynecologic care makes a difference. We understand that health care today offers many options which can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. Our approach is different than other practices because our priority is helping you feel comfortable while providing the most up-to-date care possible.


Gynecologist Garden City, NYPreventative care is an essential part of your health. Annual exams allow your physician to screen for infection, inflammation, disease and other reproductive health issues that may arise. Consistent care is one of the best ways your doctor can monitor and assess any changes that may have occurred from the year before. We offer both annual wellness exams and PAP smears. During a PAP smear your physician will take a tissue sample from your cervix to examine any abnormalities. While pelvic exams are especially recommended for sexually active individuals over 18 years of age, we also offer adolescent gynecology.


Birth Control Options

Part of an annual exam may also include discussing your options when it comes to birth control. There are many types of birth control from oral contraceptives, semi-permanent, and permanent methods. The type of birth control that’s best for you is a personal decision that our team is committed to help you make.


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